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Baseboard Register


A baseboard register, also known as a floor register, is a sort of grate that goes over the opening in the floor when you have central heat, or some other kind of system in which ductwork is used to bring the heated air into your living space.

If you are tired of the same old boring grates that they put in these ducts when they install them, then you will be glad to know that there are all kinds of replacement baseboard registers out there that will fit your needs just perfectly...while also giving your home the touch of style that it needs to feel like, well, home!  

The first thing to do when getting ready to buy a new baseboard heat register is to measure the openings you have.

They usually fit into a few standard categories, but knowing which size your new floor register will need to be is very important. After all, what good is a new baseboard heat register if it will not fit into the opening?

Also, make a note to yourself if there are some that are different in size. Usually registers will be the same size, but it never hurts to double check them. Actually, most baseboard registers have a sort of “one size fits all” design, so if you are looking into buying grates, then these are the best ones to buy. 

 floor register

 floor registers

 floor heat register

The next thing to think about is what type of floor register you are going to put in your room. There are abstract designs, art deco designs, air filter systems, aluminum squares, contemporary designs,  baseboard registers that sit up instead of going over the floor, and many other types.

 baseboard register

 floor registers

 baseboard registers

A baseboard register is a very cool type of floor grate that actually stands up like a real baseboard register! They take the air from the floor vent, and transmit it inward towards the center of the room. These grates are often a type of metal, like aluminum.

 baseboard heat registers

baseboard heat registers 

baseboard heat register 

You will be glad to hear that cost should not really be much of a factor with this product, unless you are buying something really fancy.  You can likely replace all of the baseboard registers in your home with a moderate amount of spending cash.

In fact, you could probably afford to do a lot more than that if you have actually decided that you want to spend the money! When you replace the vents, you could also replace light switches and outlet covers so that they all match. This would give your room a sharp feel, especially if you used a nice metallic color like silver.

baseboard register           baseboard registers

These types of floor registers are a necessity in your home for more than one reason. For one, it is dangerous to have openings in the floor without grates on them, and two, you could drop things down into them that you might not be able to get out! Putting baseboard registers in these vents is going to be a very worthwhile endeavor.

baseboard heat register              floor register